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What is this tiny metal part and where does it go?

Long story short, this fell out of my singer fashion mate sewing machine. Its a very tiny metal rod round at one end and flattened out at the other and is three quarters of an inch long. Image attached. I have it sitting on a standard 3x3 post it note for size reference.

Block Image

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Do you know the exact model? It would make it easier for people to help you.

I don't know much about sewing machines but since it fell out on its own, there's a good chance the place it needs to go back into is visible.

Can you locate a socket where this would slide in?


Oh no, it didn't fall out on own lmao. The cover was removed to oil moving parts and put back on and it all seemed to go fine cept that was found after putting the last screw back. It is a Singer Fashion Mate 5500.


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Hi, this is the actuating pin from the thread tension assembly - when you lift up the presser foot hand lever the upper thread tension assembly should slacken after being activated by this pin.

The pin is situated within the screwed shaft at the centre of the tension assembly and this is pushed by a cam on the lift up lever.

You can see this if you take off the needle bar/presser bar face plate.

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Hi mine fell off too how can I fix it?


Hi, it's a small pin so, if lost, you will need to replace it. If you can find a small nail with the correct diameter, you can cut it to the right size and fit it within the shaft at the centre of the tension assembly


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