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Smaller, thinner, quieter model of the Playstation 2 (SCPH-7XXXX) released by Sony in September, 2004.

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New optical drive is not working

Hi everyone,

I bought a used PlayStation 2 Slim (SCPH-77001) and it does not recognize any discs. I did the following:

  1. With the old optical drive, I cleaned the lenses and manually pressed down on the lid sensors. Unfortunately, neither the laser nor disc motor moved at all. Both front and rear lid sensor are attached to the motherboard and look perfectly fine.
  2. I checked for continuity on all 3 ribbon cables. Fortunately, the cables are not broken.
  3. I bought a new optical drive from Richspsxparts with solder protection. I removed the protection and installed it into the Playstation. However, discs are still not being recognize.
  4. I followed this forum (Optical drive not spinning up) and none of the solutions helped me. Regarding solution #1 in the 2nd post, does anyone know where exactly am I suppose to solder a wire?

Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated!

P.S. The PlayStation does turn on and its AV output works. I also added pictures at the bottom.

Top of motherboard:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

<- Ribbon cable holder for laser and motor

Block Image

Bottom of the motherboard:

Block Image

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i believe that the optical drives board is married/paired with the mother board. youll want to ensure that the drive purchased is made for your exact model of playstation and then swap the driver board from the old drive to the new. this should solve your issue.

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Thank you for the response! Yes, I did check if the optical drive was the correct model before buying it. Unfortunately, I still have the same problem.


@anthonyz98 ... here is a guide that may help with any overlooked steps:

PlayStation 2 Slimline Optical Drive Replacement

i would retrace each step and read the comments for any clues. (someone mentions about having to place the lens in a particular position?)

you can also try and follow this posts answer:

Optical drive not spinning up


@jostewcrew I did read the guide and old post to disassemble my PS2 and to find the solution to my problem, respectively.

Although the post did provide valuable insights, I still could not find the solution. Apparently, if the laser does not move at all, then there is a problem with the lid sensors. I checked for continuity on both sensors to the motherboard, and they all seem fine. Then, I did the same thing from the motherboard to the optical drive, and there is no connectivity issue.

I did this for the old and new optical drive.


okay... so the issue seems to lay in the motherboard that controls the power and or signals on this circuit. i would trace the circuitry from the connectors for the optical drive and test for faulty resistors, capacitors and look for any obvious signs of damage. burns, broken lines, components....without a schematic its almost going to be impossible to trace everything, but can still take a look at some. if youd like, you can post some good close up pictures of the board around the optical drives connectings and may be able to help look.

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@jostewcrew I definitely will, thanks! Btw, do you mind telling me more about moving the laser to a certain position?


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