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15.1 MP camera released October 2008, succeeding the Canon 40D.

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Canon EOS 50D + few lenses.. is it a good deal for starting out?

Hi all, read the side bar about buying first dslr - makes sense.

But any specifics on what to look for when I go take a look at the camera specifically? Googled to check for shutter count so I’ll do that + inspect the lenses for scratches etc. Other than that anything else to look for?

Looking at this used canon eos 50D and comes with 3 lenses: ef-s 17-85mm f4-5.6, 55mm f/1.8, and a 55-250 f/4-5.6 lens. ++https://1921681001.id/++

Would this be good for 650 cad? Thanks for the help all.


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I would offer $600. then it's a good deal


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That would be $511 USD for THAT??? I would say take it right right tight now. It is a good deal. Buy it!

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