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The Enclave has seating for seven passengers, with an optional second row bench seat instead of the standard two captain chairs which increases the seating to eight. It comes standard with front-wheel drive with an option of all-wheel drive.

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Rpm jumping while I'm driving

I jus had spark plugs an condenser replaced had the car a month now . As I'm driving I am noticing g the rpm are jumping unless I press more on gas or idle out the gas myself. Before I call this pos service department my son who always used this site .I figured I ask first. My son jus passed away this month so now I have no one I can trust to ask an it kills me all over again..

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I’m sorry for your loss. How many miles are on it? If the RPMs are jumping it could be related to the transmission. It could be slipping or having a hard time shifting. Can you post a video of the RPMs jumping? And are there any check engine or transmission lights on the dash?

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I'm having the same issue! No check engine or transmission lights on…have 70,000….hope someone can help! Ps, truly so for your loss; my sincerest condolences.

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Common problem with these is torque converter shudder often mistaken for a misfire


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