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Apple Watch Series 2, angekündigt am 7. September 2016 und veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016.

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Force touch sensor adhesive not sticking very well


I have a AW series 2, replaced the cracked screen and the force touch sensor since it ripped when replacing screen.

The force touch sensor comes with “adhesive” but doesn’t appear to be very strong. After putting everything back together within a few hours the screen already starts separating. I tried putting pressure on the watch with a heated pad but I’m wondering if anyone else has run into this issue.

Would it be advisable to use 3M tape on the top and bottom of the force touch sensor or would that cause too much clearance. ?

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Just so you’re aware, because you replaced the force touch sensor, it won’t pair with a new phone. Like the home button with TouchID, that sensor is tied to that specific board. As far as the screen adhering, adding more adhesive could cause a clearance issue. I would try replacing it again, but use some heat and some clamps to heat it up after you install the display then clamp it down and let it sit until it cools completely.

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That's what I ended up doing is just using some heat to keep the LCD seated.

I was unaware that the force touch is tied to the watch. The force touch was replaced and the watch works fine as it was already paired.

Do you have any reference as to the force touch being tied to the watch? I have never heard anything about that. Is it only for certain generations?


@Tyler Perroux it'll work just fine with the phone it has already paired with. But if you unpair it, it won't ever pair to a device again. Hold on while I try to find some references. The only way I found out about it was because of the facebook group I'm in for cellphone repair shops.


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