What is stopping my PS2 from playing DVD's and PS1/PS2 Games?

I bought a faulty slimline PAL Region PS2 recently that supposedly had an issue when loading games. The issue I have though is not something I've seen discussed anywhere online which is why I'm typing up this question.

Let's say I start up my PS2 with no disk and go to the Browser/System Config menu. All seems well and I go to play a PS2 game, it looks like it'll work as the Browser System Config screen disappears, however the PlayStation 2 logo never appears and the screen stays black and nothing happens for an extended period of time.

This same thing happens for PS2 games with blue discs, PS1 games and DVD's. However, I have since discovered that music CD's actually load up fine. I'll also say that when I insert any form of disc, there is no error with them being read, they read just fine, they just don't run as expected unless it's a music CD.

I've been inside this PS2 and thought I'd swap out the entire optical disc reader for a known working one from another PS2 and that also showed the same issues in this faulty console and replicated the same things from above.

Interestingly, the optical reader from the faulty console I have worked just fine in my other working PS2 slim console so I don't believe the problem lies there. Everything from the battery, fan, disc reader, all ribbon cables look fine and the PS2 has obvious signs of life but this problem still exists. I've pretty much done everything I can and can only assume the problem lies somewhere on the motherboard


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What do you hear when it's trying to read a PS2 game? Which laser is it (type)?


Hi @callum91

Understand you had tried with CD, how about DVD Video?

Does it works?

how about the game discs? are they original ?


Oh yeah, indeed. To add: A broken/bad soldered modchip, can cause this too!


I hear nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to loading a disc and it being read.

PS1/PS2 Games (Including Blue Disc Titles) and DVD Video's are read but don't start up.

I had given one thought that it may have been modded in some way but the menu on the PS2 looks fairly defualt to me. Where on the motherboard would any possible modchip be located?


Alright. Yeah drive is good I guess :).

Depends on the type of your motherboard and type of the modchip! you should Google it. But take the motherboard out and check all sides. Look out for wires and offcourse a chip.


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