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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zur Demontage des MacBook Pro 16", das im November 2019 auf den Markt kam.

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Can I Remove Dent/Scratch From Retina Display?

So one day I was looking for my dongle and I grabbed it by the cord and it accidentally hit lightly the MacBook Por 16’’ Screen, leaving that small ugly scratch in the middle of the screen (see picture). The screen works perfectly fine and so does the MacBook, it’s just super annoying to look at. Is there any way of fixing it with any home remedies?

Block Image

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Sadly anything you do will only make it worse!

How many dents and scratches does your car have? It's life!


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No, unless you replace the whole display.

Trying to sand it down will only make it worse by scratching off large chunks of screen coating.

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