What is wrong with my TV? Can it be fixed?

Here is what it is showing when I turn it on.

Block Image

Block Image

You can probably already tell, but it is water damaged. I believe it to be the main logic board, but I am unsure. Here are pictures of the logic board with and without flash.

You can see on the right HDMI it is corroded.

Block Image

Also, below the HDMI, as well as to the left of it, as well as below the circle port thingys nobody has used in a decade, there are signs of damage.

Block Image

Now, you dont have to be a genius to understand I probably need a new logic board. But with my lack of knowledge and expertise I am not sure if that is all…. The reason I believe so is the weird static at the bottom of the TV when it is on. Here’s it again for another reference.

Block Image

What do you guys think? Is it just the logic board, or is my TV toast?

Just realized when previewing you can’t see much on the logic board. It is broken and will need to be replaced, however looking at the screen what do you think?


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