Need to kickstart battery. Is the earpiece glued or welded plastic?

Hi guys,

I have probably the exact/same issue with my Jabra Pulse Sport HR In-Ear Headset like all the other Jabra owners - my battery in the earpiece seems below threshold and ofc Jabra is not offering support. They even told me there is nothing to replace and so on….

I have seen some YouTube videos where people disassembled other Jabra In-Ear devices but not exactly the Pulse Sport. After having a deeper look on the earpiece it seems that its welded plastic but I am not sure.

Is there an instruction online how to open then earpiece carefully? Or is it maybe glued? Or do I need a hot air device for opening the earpiece? Or do I have to crack/destroy the earpiece? Any advice would be great to get my hands on the battery to revive it.

Hope you guys can help me :(

Best regards from Germany,


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