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Toyota's fifth generation Pickup

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AC clutch won't engage

5/1989 Toyota 4X4 pickup w/22RE. AC clutch won’t engage. If I run a jumper to the clutch power wire, it works. Multiple wiring diagrams vary considerably and do not show location of AC relay and related electrical components. 10 amp fuse behind glove box is good.

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check you ac fluid level if its to low the clutch wont engage


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The 10 amp fuse doesn't go to the ac clutch. The first thing you should do is see if it has freon in it. It has pressure switches that would engage the clutch unless there is enough pressure in the system. It could also be a ac relay but my guess is it's low on freon and it's r12 originally and will have to convert to R134A. First have someone put a ac gauge on it and check the pressures.

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