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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 is an entry-level mirrorless interchangeable lens camera released in May, 2015. The camera has a 16MP resolution and is capable of 4K video capture. The model numbers are DMC-G7 in most of the world and DMC-G70 in Europe.

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How much would it cost to fix the shutter on my Lumix DMC-G7?

The shutter sticks and the camera will not work. Does anyone know the cost for fixing this problem? Thanks

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Tried it myelf and failed due to several issues:

  • You have to dismantle the complete camera including several layerns of platines including the sensor.
  • The sensor is fixed by 4 tensioned screws (one at each corner). This means, these screws do not only keep the sensor in place, but by turning the screws you can tilt the sensor. As you must dismantle the sensor in order to reach the shutter, I'm quite sure you will need some special calibration tools in order to align the sensor properly. The alignment screws will be covered by the main platine so if you go with try&error for positioning the sensor, you will have to dismantle several platines incl. several flat cables each time you want to turn the alignment screws. That's where i damaged my camera completely
  • I managed to mobilize the shutter again without really identifying a root cause for the shutter to get stucked. No damaged parts or similar
  • I also managed to reassemble the whole camera with a mobilized shutter. But at high speeds the shutter was too slow. All images were way too bright, No problems at low shuter speeds though (>1/8s)

So all in all, there will be two main issues:

  • Shutter might have to be replaced completely - I did not find out where to get one from
  • It might be that the sensor has to be recalibrated

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