Liquid Damage, replaced LB and DC in board, battery not charging

Hey all,

So the story starts years ago with a coffee spill. After not using the computer for a few years (was my sisters, she got a new one), I tried to turn it on, but it would not do anything if not plugged in (and the battery status said “replace now” - “battery is not charging”). It worked fine when plugged in but would immediately shut down if unplugged.

I then took it to an Apple certified repair shop and they assessed the computer. Their diagnostics showed the battery to be fine. After investigation they recommended a logic board cleaning or logic board replacement.

A few months later I replaced the logic board with a certified working used one (same specs). The same issue persisted. Having replaced the logic board and been told the battery was fine, I then ordered a replacement DC in board (used from iFixit).

I replaced the DC in board and finally got a change, but not seemingly for the better. The computer now only will show a black screen with the ‘low battery’ symbol and lightning charging symbol underneath it. At first the light on the Magsafe charging cable showed orange, but has since turned off (the cable is in perfect condition and works on the computers).

So! I am quite confused. Any help would be appreciated! I am starting the think the battery may in fact not be good?

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