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My Windows key & Fn key doesn't work. Why?

I recently replaced my faulty keyboard with the one I’ve got from AliExpress. It works beautifully except just two keys: Windows and Fn keys don’t work.

Yes, it must be the replacement part. That’s what I’m thinking too. But I have to be sure before I go through all the trouble of returning and re-installing the keyboard.

So, here’s what I want to know: can it be the ribbon connector? Can a problem like this happen when I have a bad connection between the keyboard and the motherboard?

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@enamu … if it were a ribbon connection issue, several if not all of the keys wouldnt work. this is more likely the part you ordered and or a driver issue (not likely) you can try to uninstall and reinstall the driver in device manager. can look for any updates for your system via manufacturers website. you could download a key stroke logger (not the virus) and see what keys are and not functional. most likely its your ordered part.

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I needed to hear that from an expert to be sure. You saved me a lot of trouble disassembling and reassembling the whole laptop. Thanks a lot!


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Could there be a problem in the operating system?

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I am surprised that the windows and FN button do not work, because they are two system buttons from Microsoft. Maybe the problem is because you are using a pirated version of Windows and these buttons have been automatically locked. Some people have experienced this problem because of using a pirated operating system, but after buying a key to activate windows here mylegitkeys.com, the buttons worked again as they should. If you have a pirated operating system, it is better to buy a licensed one.

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