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Why does my new pioneer radio doesnt turn off?

Well i bought a recent and new pioneer radio for my car and i also needed an harness adapter so i bought it too . the when i pluged all together my new radio stop turning off when i removed the key but my old one did turned off when id do the same thing …Anyone can help? suposedly i didnt have to reconnect a wire to my ignition switch right?

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You should have a an orange or yellow wire that is battery power which should be on all of the time. The red wire is ignition and should only have power when the key is turned on. On the adapter it should have the same color and say ign on the red wire and the orange or yellow should say bat on it. Hook up those the correct way it it should work fine.

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I already measure the volts on my original harness and I don't have any pin that turns of with ignition but my older radio and original one did turn off any help?

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You have probably blown the fuse. You need to check the wiring schematic from the radio and the adapter and connect them together the same way. If you can't figure it out you should probably have a shop take a look at it.


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