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Modell A1059 oder A1099 / 20, 40, oder 60 GB Festplatte/berührungsempfindliches Klickrad

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Why wont my iPod charge

Hello my ipod classic 4th gen 40gb will not charge in the house, or do anything(it has a blank screen after a battery replacement) I just get a battery indicator with a battery symbol stuck, unless it's in the car then it can. Charge enoguh to go into disk mode, but turns off immediately afterwards, any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

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I assume it worked before you changed the battery. It may have a defective battery. I would try a new battery. You can get all of the parts from the old ipod classics from idemigods.com

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It worked perfectly when I I installed the new battery for more than a day, but when it died, finally I tried to charge it then nothing, idk what's going on, because everything works when it's On. Just getting it on is the problem, the new battery was installed 3 days ago from ifixit


It could be the the chip that controls the charging. On the iPhone it's called the tristar. You would have to take it to a repair shop that does microsoldering repair to repair it. The thing is you can buy a new board for it for around 80-100 dollars. You can also replace the hard drive with a iflash that you can put in sd cards in and increase your memory. The hard drive went out on my wife's 160gb 6gen classic and I replaced the hard drive with a dual iflash and two 128gb sd cards and put a red front and a new chrome back engraved with 256gb. It's going to look awesome as soon as I get time to do it.


That's going to look amazing btw I redid a 5th gen 30 gb, still need to get a front and back panel and a new wheel, but it works great with 256gb storage, and yeah I found a board on irepair for 24$ total, so I'll just do that, this 4th gen was an ebay fjnd so God only knows what the unit and the board has been through, anyway thank you so much for your help, good luck on your project and who know I might be back again if it don't work


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