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The model UA40F5500AM is a 40-inch smart television produced by Samsung.

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tv has no display backlight is working and laptop detects tv

tv has no display backlight is working and laptop detects tv. i dont see startup screen or menu when pressing menus on remote.

thank you for any suggestions

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Just confirming that the TV has a lit screen (backlights are on) but no video display, is this correct?

Also is there audio at all?

Check the connections between the mainboard and the tcon board and also between the tcon board and the panel itself (be careful with these as the panel connections are delicate)

Also check if there is power to the tcon board.There is usually a fuse on the tcon where it can be measured, just to see if it is there.

No video display is either the mainboard, the tcon board or the connections in between.

What is the model number if not a UA40F5500AM?

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adding to this....also panel... do tcon/ panel test google/youtube. one ribbon at a time. should be nothing but a black or white clear screen on side where ribbon cable is disconnected. if any lines/bars appear....panel fault


thank you

model is ua40f5000ar… i will test lvds, tcon and panel…

the tcon has 3 blue leds on when turned on but have notchecked the fuse yet…

no sound as well



If there are lights on the tcon board then there is power there.

This doesn't mean that it is working properly though.

Having no audio also is a worry as this is the mainboard, nothing to do with the connection to the tcon, the tcon or the panel, so it's starting to look like it might be the mainboard.

It could also be a firmware problem (which is on the mainboard anyway stored in an eeprom)

Perhaps try reinstalling the firmware(scroll down to Downloads > Upgrade file).

Read the upgrade guide to see how to do this.

I'm not sure that this will even work because with a lot of TV makes you cannot reinstall the same version software, only higher versions and also in your case you cannot view the menu screens to initiate the update.

What I am hoping for (and I don't know) is that by starting the update procedure i.e. inserting the USB with the correct file loaded as per the guide, maybe it will turn on a section of the existing firmware which may not be corrupted and that will show the menu screens to allow for the update to begin as described in the guide but I wouldn't be surprised if it did nothing at all either. At this stage you don't have much to lose by trying.

Check that I have linked the correct model. Loading the wrong firmware can "brick" a TV. Search for "Samsung (insert full model number) support" to double check.


thank you jayeff i will try the upgrade. hopefully it works.


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