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The RCA Maven Pro 11 is a two-in-one tablet that was released in 2015. Model number: RCT6213W87.

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Bypassing prev Google account

After bypassing I had to go to personal dictionary and go to settings and where I need to go which is users it will not let me into users what do I do

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I have bought this tablet for my Dad and he passed away 4 months later. I haven't been able to get Google to help me and it's been 2 years. Please help me bypass this.


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@liltwilli420 … when it comes to online accounts( google windows) , the only way to unlock is through the original user name and password or by having their teams unlock after verifying identity. That being said, many devices can still be used if the original operating system is reinstalled and set up again with new information. this will erase all data on the device as a protection.

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Ok u didn't answer my question or I just didn't ask right ok when u go under setting and u go under device and have to select users to continue to bypass the account or so u could add an account user will not open up so I can add a user what do I do


@liltwilli420 ... the device is already registered to someone elses account! they are the administrator. only they can add and delete users! reset the device to factory if you wish to become the administrator and use the device with your account. this will erase all data!



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