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Model A1224 / Mitte 2007 und Anfang 2008 / 2, 2.4, oder 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Screen goes black after 1 sec

  1. I can hear charm sound and for 1 sec the screen is gray and after it goes black. I can see login window if I put some light on it. all lights are green, I bought used inverter on eBay but it didn’t change anything. need advise what can it be. Thanks
  2. also have 24” 2007 iMac with similar problem. this one goes on and everything is working, I’m able to login and after it goes to black screen same way that I can see it if I put some light on it. if I turned it off and turn it on without waiting it goes to black screen sooner or even right away. If I wait then it goes black after login.
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You got a bad inverter. Return it and buy from a trusted seller.

I found this one:


DSue to the age of this machine you are not going to find many listed.

If all else fails, I may have one in stock.

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How to know for sure that it’s a good one or bad one? Do you think 24” has the same problem? Thanks for your help!


Same symptoms, same answer.


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