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Secure Boot Not showing asus uefi windows 10 installed for HackBGRT

I have a p8p67 LE motherboard. I want to disable secure boot so i can use HackBGRT to change my logo while booting. I already have windows 10 installed. HackBGRT requires you to have secure boot off. Secure boot is not showing in any of the sections of the BIOS. It should show it in the boot section.

Block Image

It should show the secure boot option (where the mouse is ) but it does not show up at all.

I have updated to the latest version for my bios and it still does not show.

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What user manual are you looking at?

The image that you posted is not the same at all as what is shown for the BIOS > Boot menu options in this Asus P8P67-LE user manual, (see p.2-27).

If there is no Secure Boot option it must be a Legacy BIOS motherboard

Check in Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > System Information > System Summary > BIOS mode to view what the BIOS is, Legacy or UEFI.

Update (08/12/2020)


All I can say is this image from the P8P67-LE user manual shows what the BIOS Boot option page looks like.

Whether it has changed with any BIOS updates I don’t know. It is from the Asus support page for the motherboard but it is also from 2011

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Also looking at all the other BIOS options there is only the Legacy USB option

Just verifying that the motherboard is an Asus P8P67-LE and not some other model?

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I can't find administrative tools but I checked on msinfo32. https://imgur.com/a/XfVChRY. And I took a picture of my BIOS here.https://imgur.com/a/5L556PB


Yes it is the P8P67-LE. You can see the box in the background of the photo I took (it is the second imgur link).


@Abid Syed


It is a P8P67-LE/B3 version for which I cannot find a user manual.

This even shows the B3 "logo" next to the motherboard image but the manual is still for earlier revision motherboards.

Even in this P8P67 Rev3.1 manual the BIOS boot menu layout is different to what you show.

If you cannot find Secure boot at all in the BIOS menus, you may have to contact Asus about it as to where it is.


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