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Dies ist das Google Pixel Smartphone der dritten Generation und das erste mit einem Notch. Es verfügt über ein 6,3" QHD+ OLED Display und 64 oder 128 GB Speicher. Erhältlich in Clearly White, Just Black oder Not Pink.

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Mic doesn't work after charging port replacement

I replaced my charging port with an iFixit replacement. After putting back together everything works as expected except for the mic when not on speaker phone. From my research, the mic is part of the charging assembly. I am wondering if I received a defective part? I am going to take apart again in check all connections. I’m wondering if anyone else has suggestions…


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Hi. what was the solution for your problem ? have exactly the same problems…..


I did another charging port change and the mic works fine now. It's likely the board I received was defective since the connector seemed seated fine for the faulty board. I was able to perform an exchange to receive a new board. After installing the new board, everything works fine now


Ok thanks. I think i have the same problem. Ordered new board to test it.


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I would imagine it’s defective. Disassemble and check the connection. Sometimes if it’s not seated all the way it won’t work.

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I replaced the charging port with a new replacement and the mic now works. I can confirm that the part I used previously was simply defective.

Thanks for the suggestion


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Getting another replacement daughter board should fix the problem because some replacement board has faulty mic from factory.

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