Screen will not come one after swapping SSD

Bought old 2011 iMac for my bootcamp machine. Swapped out HD for SSD…everything worked good. Found out that I needed to add a ‘gadget’ on my SSD to control the fan…funny wasn’t having any issues. Placed the gadget on SSD and reassembled. Now I get the DONG but no screen. CD sounds like its loading, mouse has red light but black screen…but the fan now runs.

  • Reopened case, examined all 4 connections, verifying all were connected on the display. I thought the display cable look worn so I replaced it…still no screen…fan starts 1 min after DONG
  • Removed the gadget from the SSD interface…no screen…fan start 1 min after DONG
  • Disconnected SDD and checked connections…still no screen…fan again starts 1 min after the DONG

So…machine worked fine after SSD upgrade, but not after installing the gadget.

Any suggestions on what else to check or alternative way to get the screen to work?

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