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MacBook Pro Modelle mit 15-Zoll Display

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Vertical Lines Across Upper Diagonal of Screen - Can I Fix?

I dropped my MacBook Pro 11,5 (Retina 15 in, Mid 2015) and now it has mostly vertical lines in the upper LH side. The monitor glass doesn’t appear to be cracked (by running my fingernail across it) but there’s definitely a diagonal line where the upper LH side is unreadable, and the lower RH side normal. If I twist the screen, I can partially read what is in the upper LH side. The computer appears to work fine in the Lower Right Hand side. Can I fix this? Thanks in advance. Eric

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Hi Eric,

Unfortunately the retina displays are essentially a black box when it comes to replacement parts for them. The only solution based on your described problem is to replace the display assembly. If you do this yourself and purchase the assembly from somewhere like ebay, you could potentially spend as little as 300. Having apple repair this would likely cost between $550-$750. Which is pretty close to the price of a newer computer. I would still recommend taking the laptop into Apple even if you don’t plan on having them repair it, as they will always provide free diagnostics.

If you are comfortable repairing the computer yourself, below is the link to a guide to replace the display.

MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2015, Retina Display) Displayeinheit austauschen

Hope this helps


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