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Problem with new screen


I already replaced many LCD screens or batteries etc in phones, but today I experienced something strange:

I replaced the LCD of a Huawei P9 lite and afterwards everything worked fine. All parts have been working (touch, screen, cameras, finger sensor etc) and all software was fine.

Then after a while the touch was not working anymore. I did a restart and since then I got vertical stripes on my screen. I can still see the normal Huawei logo when powering on, but afterwards I immediately get white stripes…

I did not find any clue in the internet about what could have caused this. Can you help me please?

In the video you can see the stripes.

Thank you very much!!!

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I solved it somehow, but I don´t quite remember how.

I think I replaced the battery after this issue came and this solved it, but not 100% sure anymore.

Cheers, Benny

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Thanks, Benny! I did not expect an answer, but I'm glad you did!

Just yesterday I ordered a replacement battery and I'll report back after I tried this.


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Hi Benny!

Did you ever solve this?

I am having the same problem with a Huawei P Smart 2020.

The screen was cracked, so I replaced it. After like 5 minutes the same phenomenon as in your movie occurred. I suspected a bad screen so I send it back and had the seller replace it for another one. It is clearly a different make than the previous one but it occurs to display the same symptoms…


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Turned out that the second screen was also defective. There was no improvement after I changed the battery, so I send the second screen back as well and ordered a third one. This solved the problem.


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