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The HP Spectre 13-3010dx is a high end, lightweight, HP touchscreen laptop.

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Refresh thermal paste for performance.

My Laptop is actually a HP Spectre 13-ae052nr It’s a super thin x360 / 2 in 1 with a core I7 chip, and now that it’s around 2 years old I’m pretty sure it’s time to refresh the thermal paste. This one doesn’t get so hot, but I know from working on Extremely similar X360 EliteBooks that it’s a bear to pull apart. I’m fearing that I’ll need to pull the motherboard just to re-do the heatsync. Does anyone have experience working on this? I’m a very capable tablet/laptop tech, but would rather avoid having to pull the entire motherboard because of all the tiny ribbon connectors and the likelyhood of inadvertently damaging a hard-to find component. I’m also planning to refresh my brothers Omen 17 inch, but don’t worry about such a large gaming laptop.

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I’d suggest giving the paste a year or two. Most thermal pastes have a life of around 3-5 years, depending on the heat they’re dealing with.

Most laptops have the heatsinks facing the bottom, so replacement is easier. And if it’s on the other side (like Apple devices; ugh) then it’s a !&&* of a time replacing it. Just be careful, don’t take risks, and you should be fine!

Good luck!

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Thanks man, I'll give it a few more months until I need to use it a lot again. Laid off from doing warranty repairs on HP, Dell and others, otherwise I'd use my login to view the breakdown clips. Do you know if theres a different recommendation of thermal paste for direct-to-die heatsync applications for laptops rather than IHS desktop chips? Obviously the OEM stuff isn't different, but has anyone studied this in depth with retail stuff?


Nah. What works on desktops will definitely work on laptops, seeing as most desktop components run hotter than their mobile counterparts. Just don't overdo the amount of paste. (Usually it's like a pea-sized drop)

Good luck!


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