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Left bumper button is mushy and has no click, also unresponsive.

so i bought a used switched the the left joycon had a bunch of white stuff in and around the button like the last person spilled something on it and didnt try to clean it. i took it apart and cleaned it but its still mushy and doesnt work i was wondering if there is anyway to fix it without buying a new one. i’d buy a new button but idk if its just the button or more. ( also i should note everything els about the left joycon works perfectly just the left bumper doesnt work )

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You need to open it up and clean it (watch the springs). Worst case: Button needs to be replaced.

Guide: ZL button replacement for joy-con

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its just the L not ZL, unless this applies to the L button and well?


Oh sry! My bad! Follow this one: Tasten am linken Joy-Con tauschen Step 12 indicated the L button. It's replaceable :)


Your welcome! If the answer helped, please accept the answer, thanks :)!


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