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No air coming through the front vents but A/C is working

2004 Mountaineer

A/C is working but the front vents do not have any air coming out of them. This model year does not have a cabin filter.

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Sounds as though there is a problem with the blend door or the blend door actuator. Either the blend door is stuck in the closed position or the actuator is not operating to move the door to the open position

I don’t know the vehicle but believe it to be similar to the Ford Explorer.

Here’s a video that shows what can sometimes cause the no air through the vents problem.

Here’s another video where more drastic action was taken and it shows that the blend door was actually broken off inside the ducts and that it was not a broken blend door actuator arm or possibly a faulty blend door actuator motor.

Hopefully this may be of some help.

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Have you tried cleaning the filter - it could be blocked with dust!

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There is not a cabin filter on 2004 Mountaineer


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