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The IdeaPad 520-15IKB is a 15.6-inch laptop released by Lenovo in 2017. It has no multi-touch displays. It uses Intel Core processors and Intel integrated graphics. It also comes with either AMD or NVIDIA discrete graphics.

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How can I replace my keyboard

is there a guide i can follow to remove the keyboard from this device, and replace it. not the top cover, but the keyboard itself.

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Hi @dlev ,

There is no guide but the following links may help.

The problem is not unique to Lenovo but to other makes of laptops as well. The keyboard is considered to be part of the palmrest or top cover assembly and is manufactured accordingly. The manufacturers aren’t interested in making their products easy or cheaper to repair.

Keyboard removable from palm rest?

Keyboard replacement possible? Dell Inspiron 3147

Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for your model laptop, taken from this webpage which may also help.

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