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Das größte und teuerste Smartphone, das Apple am 20. September 2019 angekündigt hat, verfügt über ein 6,5" OLED-Display, ein Kamerasystem mit drei Linsen und eine deutlich verbesserte Akkulaufzeit. Es ist der Nachfolger des iPhone XS Max.

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All Model iPhone's: Anti Theft Prevention


So as the title says really, does anyone have any advice on how to prevent fraud when selling an iPhone or any model device for that matter? for example, does anyone know of anything you could buy to mark a logic board so if a buyer says it isn’t working, upon receiving the item, you can inspect it to see if it was yours? Stuff around those lines. I’m new to phone repairs and I’m just trying to figure out ways to cover my own back and I’d like to know what others do to keep themselves safe for selling on refurbished phones, tablets etc.

Hope this make sense? lol.

Thanks people,


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Write down the s/n, the model number, the condition, ect, before you refurb and sell it.

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Yeah I suppose it's just common sense recording of UID's. I was sort of hoping someone might have known something you could use to for example mark a logic board so you can tell instantly it's yours upon return.. like smart water or something, but I'm not sure if it's electronic friendly, I've no idea. Was looking for multiple options, but thanks for the information Dylan, much appreciated.


@worldsend2020 you could use invisible ink


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You can use 3U Tools ( freeware) and print/ safe a verification report, there you find a lot of info about the I device.

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