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Modell A2159, EMC 3301. Eine Neuauflage des Einstiegsmodells des MacBook Pro. Erhältlich in Silver und Space Gray. Erschienen im Juli 2019.

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How do I remove a password from a 2019 MacBook Pro?

I have an chance to buy a Macbook pro 2019, but the seller told me it is password locked. Can I just reinstall MacOS and get rid of the password, or do I have to do something else?

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You will not be able to use this machine as the real owner has reported it stolen and iCloud locked it.

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Nope! It’s locked as tight as Fort Knox Bullion Depository!

You need the owners finger to unlock the TouchID as well as the AppleID to remove ownership out of Apples systems (you’ll then add your entry)

Sounds like the system grew legs and walked away!!

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No - you can’t even wipe the drive thanks to that *!&$!&$^ T2 chip protecting the system as the owner hasn’t removed his Apple ID from the system - or the computer is stolen and the actual owner locked it through Find My Mac service..

Your only hope is to pray that somehow by God’s miracles the owner decides to remove it from his list of trusted devices.

It's reasons like this is why I will never repair any T2 Mac - because some of the owners may not be smart, not remove their Apple ID from their system, and all I've bought is a $1200 paperweight that makes a bong sound, Oh wait, Apple removed that as well.

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