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Half of television screen has no colour?


I have a 55” 4k TV. It's a Baird (cheap British brand) but the panel has worked flawlessly. I tried to watch the TV yesterday and half of the TV has lost all saturation/colour? I have tried new cables and different ports and resetting and it still happens. It also seems the side with no colour has lower quality than the working side. I tried looking into and reseating the Tcon board cables but no luck, has anyone ever experienced this?

Thank you for any advice guys

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@roodsquirrel most likely a T-con board error related to the IC responsible for Gamma corrections. If you let us know what the exact model of your Baird is we might have more information. Post some good pictures of your boards with your question.

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Hi buddy! Thank you for the reply, the model is TI5509DLEDDS. Would replacing the Tcon repair this issue do you think?


@roodsquirrel yes I do. I would at least give it a good try. If you are unsure just get either a used T-con board or get a new one from a place that has a good return policy. Interestingly enough your Baird uses Westinghouse boards. Here is the T-con board


@oldturkey03 Perfect thank you so much! I will report back with results. Much appreciated buddy, fingers crossed.


@oldturkey03 Hi, I tried replacing the board with the one you linked and sadly no difference. Whilst I took the TV apart I double checked all connections and cleaned them with some alcohol and still the exact same issue. Any other fixes you could think of or should I just class it as an expensive drinks coaster?


@roodsquirrel I hate when that happens. sorry about that. Can you post some good pictures of your boards. There is one board that will be connected right at the panel. The cables from the T-con board will terminate there. That is your LCD driver board. See if you can get a good pictures of that as well.


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