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The ZTE ZMax Pro is identified by its black color, rear fingerprint sensor and its model name, Z981, which can be found under the rear case.

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My ZTE Z981 got thrown n rd the screen not cracked

So my ZTE Zmax pro Z981 got thrown in the street the screen is not cracked but I am certain the digitizer needs to be replaced, what part should I purchase and what tools am I going to need? Please help I love this phone and I have a lot of important data on the device as well. Thank you in advance.

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Monica Salviejo use this guide for that ZTE ZMax Pro Display Assembly Replacement

You will need to replace the complete display assembly since the digitizer and LCD are “fused”. That guide also lists all the tools you will need for the job.

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@oldturkey03 do you have a recommendation as to where I should purchase the front assembly screen?


I'd do an online search. Go for price and customer satisfaction. Pick a place that has a good return policy. That shows how serious they are about taking care of their customers :-)


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