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The Samsung RF28HDEDB is a 28 cu. ft. refrigerator featuring a Twin Cooling Plus® system, LED lighting, spill-proof slide-out glass shelves, and multiple convenient features, with dimensions of 33 3/4" x 68 7/8" x 35 3/4".

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My Samsung ice maker works, then doesn't, then works, then doesn't

My 4yr old Samsung RF28HDED refrigerator with ice-maker in upper left location just stopped making ice about 2 months ago. This is NOT the ice maker getting jammed and freezing into a block of ice issue. We did have that issue but that was addressed (y-clips installed, sealant at bottom of ice room, etc..). After the fix, had no problems for 9 months. Worked perfectly. Then one day no ice. Freezer temp = 0 degrees. Ice maker is ON. New Samsung water filter. Water dispenser works fine and I get almost 1.5 cups water in 10 secs. Bottom freezer working fine, no melting ice cream or anything. If I push the reset button on the ice maker, I hear the chime and about 10mins later, perfect ice cubes dump into the bucket, but that’s it, no more ice. I ran the status test (touch [freezer] + [refrigerator] buttons simultaneously ) and the indicator light for the ice bucket shows flashing (meaning that the fridge thinks the ice bucket is full). It is not full. Supposedly you are able to take a picture of the emitter with your cell phone and see the IR light. I did not see any light. So I replaced the auger motor that includes the IR emitter thinking it was defective. No change in ice production or status indicator (still blinking). Oddly, then about 2-3 weeks later, the fridge just started making ice and wouldn’t stop for 3 days. Just continually making ice. We had to keep dumping the ice bin. I checked the status indicator at that time and the light was not blinking. Continually on solid- meaning now the fridge thought the ice bucket was always empty even when it was overflowing. But then after 3 days… it just stopped making ice again and the status indicator changed to blinking again. So I replaced the PCB on the back of the fridge. Thought for sure this would do it. But again, no change in ice production and the status digit continues to blink. I hit the reset button on a daily basis and it obediently makes one tray of ice then quits. I am at a loss of what to do next… any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I am having the exact same issue, the IR sensor appears to be dead and I have not replaced the auger assembly yet. I am worried I will just be sinking more money into this terrible ice maker. I have already replaced out the maker portion twice and installed the y brackets and sealed the ice box area. I was wondering if you ever solved the problem and what your solution might have been. As it stands now I am basically pushing reset every few hours to get it to drop some ice!


I've had exactly the same problems. I paid almost $500 between service call and part to get it fixed and lo and behold it is not working again after only 10 months.

Samsung, this is a defective component and you should fix it for just a service call by your authorized repairman. I will never buy another Samsung refrigerator again.


No answer to help. I’ve been having same issue, except reset button doesn’t help at all. It just doesn’t make ice for a few weeks to a month, then makes ice for a while, then stops again.


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Hi @scubaboy12 ,

Don’t know the answer but hopefully this link may be of some help.

It shows how to get into the diagnostic mode for a Samsung RF28HDEDBSR refrigerator so that you can check if there are any error codes pertaining to the ice maker, (see p.61 for ice maker error codes). Maybe it is the same for your particular model variation

On p.73 there is a flowchart that shows the procedure for when there is a problem with the ice maker (refrigerator) sensor and on p.74 for the ice maker (freezer) sensor.

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Hi jayeff,

Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it! Will check out the link and continue the fight.... thanks again! Will post back if any progress.


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I don’t have anything to contribute other than my ice maker is doing this exact same thing. I see light on my IR emmitter and there are no codes at all. The icemaker works fine for about a day after a reboot then it stops. It will make a single tray of cubes with a reset.

I haven’t yet tried changing any of the values regarding temperature or icemaker drop frequency in the linked manual above, maybe that is the next step. Another idea I have is to put it on a smart switch and have the fridge be automatically power cycled once per day, but this is a hack and I would like to fix it properly.

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