Blue screen nothing else on it

Hi Lenovo ideals 500 2 weeks ago it started with blue screen and the Lenovo logo and preparing automatic repair and the balls going around. It would do this for about 5 mins. Then the screen would go blank with a faint blue, it would stay like that until I turn it off by holding the power button down. Last week it has the blue screen Lenovo logo and now it says please wait and the balls going around about 5 mins screen goes blank and has the faint blue. It will stay like that for the hole day. I have tried taking the battery out, rebooting it by holding the powerbutton. The screen is blank, so I can not get into anything to try an fix this. There is not a search box. I tried today to use a disk, it goes around that is it. I have tried take the rams out one at a time, did not change anything. About 3 weeks ago the up printer wirerless, went off line, I deleted it and reinstalled it 2 prints later, it was back off again. I deleted it completely this time and used the 1 2 3 disk that came with it to reinstall it, this time stayed working. If you are going to answer this please write in simple termes. Thank You Fred

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