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'Battery not detected' after temporary removal

I recently used the appropriate guide to remove the battery from my laptop while I was replacing the screen (as I read you should do this in a couple of places). With the screen replaced, I put the battery back in and re-connected everything. Now the screen works fine, but I get a ‘battery not detected’ status message, and if I remove the charger, the laptop immediately turns off.

What have I done to my laptop?

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@solonofathens possibility of the battery having been discharged below it’s threshold and thus will no longer accept or hold a charge. Replace the battery and see if that fixes it. If it does not then you many have an issue with the DC In port or charging circuitry on your motherboard.

Of course, double check your work to ensure all cables and connectors are properly seated etc.

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Thanks so much for your reply. After posting my question I re-checked my work, and found that I'd only pushed the wires from the power harness halfway into the connector. (Lenovo's advice in their own hardware manual to make sure the wires were routed via the routing plastic thingy was actually very helpful in getting it properly connected.) Everything's working fine with that fixed.

Should've known it would just be a simple piece of incompetence on my part...


@solonofathens happens to all of us :-)


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