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The Nokia 6133 Features a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, and support for up to a two-gigabyte microSD Card.

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Speaker doesn't work; loudspeaker does. Why?


A couple of years ago my screen went blank, and thanks to you guys(!) I was able to repair/replace it just now. Great.

(I need this phone as it works in Europe)

I didn't try at first, but today I wasn't able to hear/be heard. I took it apart again, and probably seated a part better, but my speaker still doesn't work. The mike is fine, and the loudspeaker as well, but I just don't hear anything in the ear part.

I took it apart three more times (I'm traveling tomorrow), and I tried to make sure everything is snug and clean, but still no sound from the speaker in the flip part.

Can I test the resistance of the speaker or something else?

Thx, AK

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I'd suspect the problem to be wiring more than the speaker itself.The flex controlling power to the top of the phone must get a fair bit of strain and may have torn. Nokia seems to keep well and there are lots of these very cheap on ebay (less than £10) so I'd probably try and buy another or a broken one and salvage that part (the top section)

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