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Das Xiaomi Mi 4 ist die vierte Generation von "Mi"-Smartphones der Xiaomi Technology Company und ist zum Zeitpunkt seines Erscheinens mit der neuesten Smartphone-Technologie ausgestattet.

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Xiaomi can't be turned on after falls.

My phone can’t be turned on after falls down from my pocket. Actually this phone have already falls repeatedly, and quite durable, even if the case itself have already repeatedly loosened due to the impact, presumably.

But this time it can’t be turned on anymore. I’m pretty sure the battery is already above 50%. Not sure if this is relevant, but the battery was just recently changed about 2 months or so.

I tried to connect it to the charger, but I don’t get any sign of led shown just like when it usually charging. BUT, it still activated. The logo lighted up, and the device still vibrated. But it kept doing the same thing over and over. (Showing Logo and Vibrate)

Pressing the power button won’t do anything whatsoever.


I have already tried the charge to the laptop trick. And have no response.

I have already tried the volumeUp + power to turn it on.

I have already open it up, trying to dismantle it, but I see no sign of crack or such except what is on the case.

Is there any way for me to recover my phone?

Thank you very much!

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@ra31 since this was a mechanical fall, it is time to open it up. This Could be as simple as disconnected cables, bad display (hence it still vibrates) etc. to a broken circuit board component etc. You will never find out for sure unless you disassemble it and look at it. Use these guides to work on it Xiaomi Mi 4

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