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Mac OS will load on G3/G4!

I have 2 G4 iBooks, and they both ran 9.0 thru 9.2.2!

One, I installed with an alien CD, and it worked! I even have a PowerBook G3/G4 that is running with both systems on it now!

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Your question is a little hard to comprehend. A more thorough explanation will increase your chances of getting a response.


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It works OS X (first edition) on my PowerBook (G3) internal HD. And if mount on a firewire external HD, it works with a OS X Panther (10.3)

Will have a try for OS 10.4 Tiger in the next few weeks.

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I bought a g4 with disc for 10.3. wiped off os 9 that did not work and loaded from additional software disc with os 9 on it into osx system and it runs like new


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