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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zur Demontage des MacBook Pro 16", das im November 2019 auf den Markt kam.

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Can I replace my us English keycaps with Arabic keycaps?

hello everyone,

I am buying a Macbook pro 16 2020 from amazon with a US keyboard layout, is it possible to swap eng keycaps with ara/eng keycaps. I am not located in the US right now so I cant buy it directly from Apple, also its around 400 USD dollars difference between the price at Amazon and price in my country.


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The first problem is even getting the keycaps! Unless you can get them its just a waste. Besides the US keyboard is not the same as the ISO keyboards your Arabic set is based on. Review the differences here How to identify keyboard localizations. Don’t over focus on the symbols look at the keys dimensions between the English set and the Arabic set note the differences between the Return (Enter) key.

So no you won’t be able to do it. Getting a English ISO system would be better and you still need to buy the keycaps which will get you back somewhere around two hundred if you can even get the full set. If you break the keyboard then you have a even higher cost!

Best to just get the Arabic system from the get go!

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Like what dan said getting the keycaps is going to be a problem. and then of course the keyboard its self issues, but im just going off of and agreeing with what dan said so im not taking credit for this


Thanks a lot for your reply, I think I will go with the US layout and use silicon or stickers for Arabic letters.


@Ahmed Albtotey - Stick with thin stickers if you can. The gap between the top of the keys and the display is very tight! You will want a very thin skin and even that will rub the display so it will get oil stains on it.


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