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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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Paper tray fell, small parts fell off. Where do they go?

The paper tray of our HL-L6200DW printer slid out while I was carrying it and landed on the floor. It appears to be undamaged but 2 gears and an L shaped piece fell off. I believe I have placed the gears properly (see the image; the left gear has a plastic halo that sits behind the middle gear) but could use confirmation. I haven’t been able to find a home for L shaped piece (see the two images), it is quite small. Any ideas? Brother wouldn’t help me and I couldn’t find it in a service manual I found for a similar printer.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Here’s a link to the HL-L6200DW service manual.


Download it and take a look.

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