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no airflow in fridge, great airflow in freezer

my freezer works but my fridge does not. i disassembled the unit and had frost. the evap fan was spinning but there was no airflow. thinking it’s the defrost circuit i defrosted the whole unit. i reassembled the unit. in the freezer the fan spun and i had air flow. but no flow into the fridge below. i made sure the vent was open and unobstructed. still no airflow. if i open the freezer door there’s great airflow into the fridge i close it and it goes away completely. i can’t find anything like a vent that may me obstructed. i made sure the condenser fan/coils were clear. i know air has to flow in a circle. any ideas?

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Hi @bigbadogre12,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

If the doors have a door switch that is accessible i.e. can be seen in the door jamb and is not a hidden magnetic door switch, that turns off the light, try manually operating the door switch with the door open.

This should turn off the light but turn on the evaporator fan in the freezer compartment. Make sure that the other door is closed as either door when open will stop the fan.


maytag MTB1981ARW (which is supposedly made by whirlpool) . the fan works when either door is open. the fans run as they should there’s just no air movement. i know there has to be a air return issue.


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Hi @bigbadogre12

Have you actually seen the evaporator fan inside the freezer compartment, operating or just heard it operating?

If only heard it, visually make sure that it is operating in case the fan blades are slipping on the shaft and not turning with the motor. You may have to remove the panel at the back of the compartment (from the inside) to expose the evaporator unit and the evaporator fan

Did you mean a Maytag MTB1891ARW? (couldn’t find the model number you posted)

If so, here’s the parts for the unit. Click on Freezer Compartment and find part #6 (& #11) to find the location of the fan motor (and fan blade)

Apologies about the door switch and the fan, looking at the wiring diagram for your model it appears that the fan is controlled by the temperature control without any door switch input like a lot of refrigerators have.

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you didn't address if he has seen it. I have this same issue and I have felt the airflow in the freezer and have actually pulled the cover and seen the fan spinning. I have an unobstructed vent as well.


I had to call a repair guy, turns out my particular refrigerator model has a cooling/freezing compartment in both the freezer and the fridge part. The freezer compartment was working along but the refrigerator was not. 😡


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