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This is a troubleshooting and installation guides device page for the Sony PS2 Slimline SCPH-7500x. The Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline computer system is small, slim and a network ready game console.

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Why is my disc not spinning?

Hello, I wanted to play a game on my PS2 but the disc wouldnt spin. I opened it up and put the disc in while the lid was off. I saw the red laser on but the disc wouldnt spin. It was like this: Disc screeching, Spins, Doesnt spin, Spin, Doesnt spin. And when the disk would spin it would say the disc could not be read. https://imgur.com/a/HgmFx0C (sorry for the voices in the background)

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Firstly, I would make sure that the disc isn’t hitting anything.

Then, I would check the spinner (I don’t know what it’s actually called) to see if it’s gunked up or anything.

Other than that, It could be an issue with the drive itself and you may have to replace the disc drive

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