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The Coolpix P530 is a 16.1 megapixel digital camera with an impressive 42x optical zoom. This model was released by Nikon in February of 2014. It also goes by the manufacturer specific model name Nikon 26464 .

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Charging port is bad

Do you all repair or have the USB charging port on camera nikon coolpix p530 it is bad a couple of the brass prongs in there are slightly bent therefore not able to charge

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@jaerob427 sorry but iFixit does not do repairs. Here you can gt great guides and excellent help to perform the repair yourself. While parts are available for some devices, the part you are looking for is not.

I’d suggest you use something like this guide Nikon Coolpix P530 Zoom Lens Unit Replacement and remove the circuit board. Then you will need to unsolder the old port and resolder the new one. Only real issue will be finding a replacement port. You can always check places like ebay etc., find a camera that is not working and use that to harvest the part(s) from.

Nikon, Canon etc are not in the habit of releasing service manuals or parts list. They really do not want to support anybody doing their own repairs. I actually think they hate DIY’ers

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