Why did my right ear stop producing sound

I think the wiring is loose in the right ear because if a press down the sound cuts on until I move and I bought from a third party so no warranty or replacements is there anyway to fix it

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I also am experiencing this issue. I actually went to take it apart and unfortunately, they used glue AND screws to secure a cover over the speaker driver, which the driver wire is also ran through and ALSO glued to. I took a dremel to it so I could remove the cover, but the wires to the driver seem intact and fine. I believe the driver itself is what died, and for no apparent reason. I have a ticket open with them but I am worried that since I took the dremel to it, I am going to get nabbed on the warranty (although, I don't see it being expensive for them to simply replace the whole right cup anyway to renew the headset). Hopefully they will be cool with it, I have heard of them telling customers to cut wires for other headsets so we'll see.


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