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Unveiled at the 2013 New York and Frankfurt auto shows, the second generation Soul is based on Kia's Track'ster concept.

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upgrade standard factory stereo to factory jbl w navigation stereo

I want to upgrade my standard kia stereo to the factory jbl premium sound w/ navigation stereo and I need to locate some wires that are not in my factory stereo plugs like : 1. mm can high 2. parking 3. spdif ground 4. spdif +5. r position 6. ignition 1 7. door unlock 8. mm can low 9. auto light 10. p position 11. b can + 12. b can - 13. airbag and 14. door open. Where can I locate these wires in the car and what color will they be?

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Hi @towpro214

You don’t state the model year but here’s the Kia Rio (UB) 2011-2017 Service Repair Manual + Wiring Diagrams which may help

Click on the Body Electrical System link.

This section has all the body wiring information for the vehicle. Not sure if it has all that you want but it shows connectors, pin position and wiring colours etc.

There are also various specific System Wiring Diagrams e.g. body control module, power door locks, A/V and Navigation etc, that will also help.

You may just have to work your way through it all to find that you want.

Hopefully a start

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