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Veröffentlicht am 26. Oktober 2018. Modelle A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108. Erhältlich als GSM oder CDMA / eSIM, Nano-SIM oder Dual-SIM / 64, 128 oder 256 GB / Schwarz, Weiß, Blau, Gelb, Koralle oder Rot. (Ausgesprochen "iPhone 10 R.")

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Need help understanding how to troubleshoot board issues


I’ve got an iPhone XR that keeps on rebooting on random occasions. I did notice when the front facing camera is plugged in, it doesn’t recognise it. So I thought I’d take the initiative and see why this is the case under my brand new AmScope microscope! (NerdGasm).

The reading’s I’m receiving from my multimeter are majorly all saying OL and some of them have the odd very low diode readings; such as 0.007 on the J4600 (pin 34) on ZxW. Around that general area I have the very weird readings as mentioned. I thought I’d also make sure it wasn’t me being a derp and I ran the same tests around the rear camera (J3900), to make sure I was indeed getting the correct readings. All the readings from J3900 are all correct on ZxW.

Now I need help from all you lovely people on how to diagnose where to go from here? I’m brand new to this level of phone repair. I’m not going to attempt micro soldering yet as I don’t feel confident, but I’d love to find where the problem actually is and how to solve it (cause that’s how you learn).

I’m still looking around the board for more anomalies, but momentarily this is the current issue. So, can anyone guide me on where to go from here and what I should do?

Thank you,


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Just to clarify, the above is an example. The readings are all incorrect on the J4600.


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Firstly you should not rely on ZXW for diode readings, you should compare with a known good board.

·         Have you got red probe on ground when testing?

·         What readings are on 31 and 32? Are they the same as 34?

If these pins are all reading 0.007 than are four things you need to check.

1.       Connector.

2.       C4633

3.       C4632

4.       The small audio IC (U5002)

It is hard checking camera circuits as you need to have the flex connected. Also the camera app should be open when checking power rails. You can do this easy with an iBridge.

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