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Are iFixit screens weaker?

I have been using my iPhone 7 since it was released. Last may I broke my screen for the first time after which I ordered a new screen from iFixit. This screen broke a few weeks ago after which I replaced it. Today I broke my screen again which made me wonder. I didn’t break the original screen for about 3.5 years. And now that I have an iFixit screen I broke two already. Are those screens easier to break?

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Which screen did you purchase? iFixit, like all vendors, offers various screen quality levels. You can get a used original screen which will be an original screen pulled from another device or you can get the regular screens which are aftermarket screens. I haven’t purchased an iFixit screen in a while so I can’t say for certain but I would certainly expect an aftermarket screen to be of lower quality than an original or premium level screen.

That said, iFixit does stand behind their products so contact Support and see what they say.

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