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Replacement screen for Thermal Camera

I’m trying to fix a broken screen for Thermal Camera C.A 1954 Diacam 2 by Chauvin Arnous (P01651904).

The screen is 2.8” and has the following writing on the back:

U.R.T 7168758003 941NW-160215-A101


U.R.T. No. 160302-0009.

Can anyone help me find a place where I can order a replacement screen for it?

Block Image

Block Image

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darn this is going to be tough one. While we are definitely trying to help you out, contact Chauvin Arnoux directly and see if they do the repair, if it might be covered under any kind of warranty etc,.

We’ll keep on searching ;-)

U.R.T. No. 160302-0009 is the date code

Year 2016 (16), March (03) 2nd (02); Batch no 0009

The display itself is the UMOH-8944MD-1T number. The monitor seems to be a venture between United Radiant Technology (No. 2,Fu-hsing Road,Taichung Econamic Processing Zone,Tantzu,Taichung,Taiwan,R.O.C.) who are the manufacturer and Microtips USA is in charge of support and logistics of those

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