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Das Google Pixel 2 ist Googles zweites Flagschiff -Smartphone, es erschien am 17. Oktober 2017. Das Smartphone ist mit einem 5" AMOLED Display ausgestattet und kann mit 64 oder 128 GB Speicher bestellt werden. Erhältlich ist es in drei Farben: Schwarz (Just Black), Weiß (Clearly White) und Blau (Kinda Blue).

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Echo after phone reassembly

I’m having an issue with an echo heard on the recipient side of calls after fixing my Pixel 2. I followed the instructions for the battery replacement kit and ended up needing a new display. Since I needed to order a new display I ended up ordering a new charging circuit as well (the original USB-C was super loose). I completed the charging circuit replacement (and saw the note at the bottom about remembering to move the microphone board over as well). I put the phone completely back together, and before sealing the display with adhesive, powered the phone on and made a brief call to verify all was working and sounding good.All has gone well in the 1 week since the repair. I’m finding now though that recipients of my calls hear what they describe as an echo of their own voice, delayed by a few milliseconds. The echo can’t be heard from my end and I’ve verified it with a few more calls. I tested a little bit more, and when I turn speaker-phone on my end, my call recipients claim the echo goes away.

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Did a battery replacement as well. Everything seemed to be working. Tho when removing the old adhesive from the sides of the frame I also removed the adhesive around the speaker grills so maybe that is causing audio to leak and echo? The Duo calls I've been on said they could hear an echo as well. I'm not sure what's causing it but it's a minor inconvenience that does seem to get better if I lower the volume while on a call. Still tho if anyone else knows anything please add a comment



I have the same problem after replacing the battery. is there a solution?


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Hi @debben ,

Does it do this when the phone is started in safe mode, just to eliminate the remote possibility that it is a downloaded app that may be causing the problem?

Don't know the answer but I'm wondering if there is a problem with some of the microphones. If it is like on other phones, there is the main mic at the bottom of the phone which is used on “normal” calls and the other mic (although usually there is only one more, not 2 as it seems the Pixel 2 has) is used for noise cancellation on normal calls and as the mic on speakerphone calls

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