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Reparatur und Unterstützung für den zur PS3 gehörenden Kontroller. Er kam 2008 heraus, besitzt einen Lithium-Ionen Akku und eine Sechsachsensteuerung. Der Kontroller (CECHZC2) ist leicht zu reparieren.

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My control not working without cable


first question? Is dual shock3 control use Bluetooth or wifi for connection with the console?

My controller is working fine when it is a plug with a USB cable. I see that is fully charged but the moment when I plug off it the 4 light is blinking and I cannot control anything. Same happening with both controllers I have. Change the battery, try with other controllers. It seems that something gone wrong with the console… I have a super slim console…

What part can go wrong and how to be sure before I purchase parts?


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Hi all

please any help will be useful. I need to confirm that issue is on my console rather than on the controller.

How to do that?

How to be sure that my wifi antenna is the one that needs to be replaced?


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Hi yes they uses Bluetooth. Does the PS wifi still work?

Have you tried pairing the controls to A different console or even a smart phone so see if they are seen.

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I will check if I can connect with my iPhone over Bluetooth.

So controller using Bluetooth connection with the console?

Is it possible to replace Bluetooth in the console? I don't see those options...

My console working fine and I can control it over controller but only while I'm connected over USB cable.

Help ..


@lpastor Not to sure on the models.But would prob mean soldering a new bluetooth chip on the board. Would be much easier to get a new controller with a usb bluetooth dongle.


@hal_fixit , yes TDH I'm not comfortable soldering the Bluetooth chip on the board .. I need SP3 controller .. I don't see if this is available at all .. I see only SPS4 control option with uSB dongle ?!? Im Im missing something


@lpastor Yeah would need someone with the skills. yes for the PS3 you can get 3rd party brands that make them. Maybe check amazon


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