TV doesn't turn on, standby LED blinks in a sequence

Dear repair cummunity,

I have a problem similar to many other users in here and I know that Samsung does not officially support blink codes but the fact is that obviously some defective sets emit what closely resembles a blink code. In my case the standby LED blinks once long and five times short as soon as I start the TV, either with the remote or the "joystick". The TCON card has two tiny blue LEDs that are on, and blink once each time the blink sequence restarts. I believe that the backlight LEDs are fine as they turn on when I disconnect the cable between PSU and main board. My model is a ue48ju6050 (bought in Germany). I have visually inspected the electrolytic capacitors, the aren't bulged. The PSU delivers 12.9 V instead of 13.0 V. I guess it is within an acceptable range.

Basically I would like to know whether to replace the main board or the TCON card (or both), or even better replace the broken components . Without service manual, it isn't  obvious.

Any idea? I would be extremely grateful!

Update (11/07/20g20)

Here a general view of the interconnected boards:

Block Image

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@teodule, what happens when you disconnect the T-con board and try to start your TV?


@oldturkey03 . Thank you for your prompt reply! If I disconnect the TCON board from the main board, I get the same behaviour, that is nothing except the same blink code. Logically, the two tiny blue LEDs on the TCON board don't light up.

Additionally, the power consumption of the TV varies between 18 W and 38 W when on, and 0 W when off. Both heatsinks get warm when on: 110°F for the main board and 100°F for the TCON board.


Does anyone know,

the use of two tiny blue LEDs located on the TCON card ?


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